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You’re not alone. Nearly half of UK adults experience digestive issues, yet few are able to access the guidance and support they deserve to improve their gut health.

As a Registered Private Dietitian and Gut Health Specialist, Anni provides evidence-based advice to manage a wide range of digestive issues. Whether you are living with a diagnosed digestive disorder or looking to improve your overall health using a gut-centered approach, Anni’s range of bespoke services aims to provide clarity, guidance, and support.

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Private Dietitian and Gut Health Specialist Specialisms

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You can book in for a FREE 15-minute no-obligation discovery call. During this call, we can discuss what you would like to achieve from working with me, the options available and how I can tailor my service to your needs.

Any questions, please book in for a call or contact me, as I am more than happy to discuss how we can tailor the service to you. Answers to common Frequently Asked Questions can also be found on our What to Expect page.

Anni Summers - Registered Gut Health Specialist

My Mission

We are all unique… and that goes for our guts too! My mission is to listen to you and your experience, offering personalised nutrition services to meet your individual needs.
My aim is to empower you to reach your nutrition and health goals.